Mission and Vision

Who Are We?

Created in 2003, CADIn is a non-profit organization pioneer in its area. It was the first center, in Portugal, dedicated to the treatment and study of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Families see in CADIn a team of professionals specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders, dedicated to provide the best care to all people from all ages.

This support provided to its patients and families is not only from a clinical perspective: CADIn was created as an innovative social project, dedicated to practice the good with excelence. 

In this sense, the Social Scholarship is a fund composed by donations and used to cover the costs of diagonosis and treatment for low income families and institutionalized children and teenagers.

Nowadays, one in four people supported by CADIn receives the help of this Social Scholarship.

Mission, Vision and Values


To be a reference point, accessible to all,
in the treatment and study of
neurodevelopment disorders.


To promote the social integration of children, teenagers and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Working Methods

Because each person has the right to access the best care, helping them achieve their full potential, CADIn’s intervenction is:

Centered on People

We recognize that each person is unique and that neurodevelopment disorders can be manifested in a variety of ways. Thus, we base our approach on clinical data and the patient’s history, as well as the sorrounding context of each person.


Neurodevelopmental disorders affect several functioning areas. As so, CADIn has a vast team of professionals, specialized in different areas to ensure a complete and accurate diagnosis and intervenction.

Promoting Inclusion

We work with families, schools, and employers to find the best ways to promote inclusion in all contexts, which comes from the approximation of the person with its environment.

Throughout Life

CADIn recognizes that living with a neurodevelopmental disorder means facing new challenges in many life stages. Hence, we support people of all ages and adapt our services to their specific needs.

Accessible to All

The lack of economic resources can difficult the access to these services. Because of this, through the Social Scholarship program, CADIn covers clinical care and therapists’ costs for people with low income and institutionalized children and teenagers.

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