Intervenção Social – Intervenção Socioprofissional_EN

Socioprofessional Intervention

Promote the integration of people with disabilities and incapabilities in the workplace.

People with disabilities experience great difficulties in accessing employment. Despite the right to equal opportunities being enshrined in legislation and the existence of specific employment support measures for this population, it is estimated that they are twice as likely to be inactive as the non-disabled population.

According to European data on employment in the field of disability, people with psychic/cognitive disabilities revealed in behavioral and relational problems are the most excluded in professional reinsertion.

We believe that to be sustainable, employment cannot be just an act of social solidarity, so we intervene on two fronts:

  • Preparation of young adults with disabilities to meet the needs of the labor market, both through referral and support in pursuing training and through training in soft skills.
  • Preparing employers and work teams to better meet the challenges of including people with disabilities, through on-the-job training and follow-up.

This effort is translated, in practice, into performing the following activities:

Programa de transição para a vida ativa

Aimed at young people with communication, social interaction, and adaptability difficulties, its goal is to increase employability and improve the quality of life of beneficiaries and their families.

Sensibilização de empregadores

Holding information sessions and meetings to make employers aware of the characteristics/qualities of people with disabilities.

“Intervenção na integração no mercado de trabalho

Follow-up of the selection process and integration into a job, supporting both the employee, the employer and the host team.

  • For young people with disabilities:
    • training on behavior and attitudes for the job;
    • preparation for interviews;
    • support at the workplace with regular visits.
  • For companies:
    • support in recruiting employees with disabilities who meet the necessary requirements for the position;
    • training on work inclusion for employees;
    • designation of a tutor.

Throughout its ten years of work in this area, CADIn has helped countless young people and host companies in the process of labor integration.

  • Three young people were integrated in Galpenergia’s Service areas, of which one was hired on a permanent basis;
  • Three young people were integrated into McDonalds’ restaurants, two of whom were hired on a permanent basis;
  • Seven young people were integrated in companies under professional internships for people with disabilities. Four of these young people were invited to continue their collaboration with the companies at the end of the internship under employment contracts.

In addition to these objective results in terms of the employability of these young people, we have trained dozens of young people in professional skills and attitudes, guided dozens of young people to qualifying training and volunteer programs that contribute to their employability, and involved more than 100 company’s employees in training on the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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